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derek J. Lovett

Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Coach

A writer at heart who majored in engineering...

An engineer by trade who dabbled in entrepreneurship...

An entrepreneur for a season who stumbled into education...

And an educator who discovered his calling to the youth.

Are you a school principal or leader of a youth organization?

As a principal, you know the results that you desire for your school.  You even have a good idea of how to get there.  However, you also know that the many demands on you and your staff make it nearly impossible to efficiently execute your "big picture" projects.

Let's Work Together!

What character development themes would you like to implement at the beginning of the year?

What academic/social outcomes would you like your students to walk away with by the end of the year?

Would you consider implementing seminars or a speaker series to motivate and engage students?

How could "soft skills" training best be implemented in your school?

Would you like to explore how various technologies could enhance day-to-day operations at your school?

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