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If You Don't Already Do This Then Start Now!


The hustle and bustle of life can sometimes feel suffocating. When we don't feel like we have enough time to complete tasks or, rather, when we don't feel like we are making the progress we desire to make it can leave us feeling restless, unfulfilled, and even depressed.

What is the fundamental problem?

At some point, most of us have had a time in our lives where we felt like we were trying so hard to make good use of our time but always seemed to get interrupted or distracted, and because of that we habitually failed to make the progress in life that we should. That's disheartening. I've been there.

These challenges can be traced back to how we manage our time. It's not enough for us to allocate time for an endeavor, because distractions will always come. But what we must do is establish concentrated, focused time on our tasks. Doing this consistently is key to productivity and fulfillment.

How can we improve our focus?

We must use time management strategies. One in particular, "time-boxing," is rated the #1 productivity tool in the world. If you don't already do it, it is so simple that you will probably wonder why you haven't stumbled upon it as a time management strategy before now. You simply look at your days, weeks, and months in "blocks of time" in order to better plan how you will use it.

If you would like to start implementing time-boxing today in order to increase your productivity, let's get started with a free Discovery Call!

Derek J. Lovett

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