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Adam Pettway

Science & Technology Instructor, Valiant Cross Academy

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Mr. Derek Lovett.  His assistance and dedication to Valiant Cross Academy's robotics team was superb .  He gladly devoted his time and relentlessly worked with out scholars teaching them about the engineering process, inspiring and assisting in the design and development of the team's robot, and ultimately aiding the team in its efforts.

Steve Roberts

Cooperative Education Coordinator, Carver High School (Montgomery, AL)

My students really loved Derek's presentations on real-world topics.  His desire to motivate students to be their best is evident and his high energy garners everyone's attention.  He is a great role model for students desiring technical and business-related careers.

Bryan Barnett

Educator, Nashville, TN

I know Derek to be an amazingly gifted speaker, actor, and comedian.  He is very passionate and charismatic about his art and skill set.  I know Derek to be a very loving and caring husband and father to his family.  Whatever is attached to him wins.  He is very kind and just an all around good brother.

T'Sharin Moncrief

Owner, Women of Refined Gold, Inc.

Women of Refined Gold Inc. would like to thank Derek for hosting our 3rd Annual Masquerade, Unmasking the Abuse Domestic Violence Fashion Show.  He was an awesome host, and he kept the audience engaged.  His willingness to help us spread awareness through doing additional research of his own meant a log to us and the guests.  His enthusiasm is what kept the momentum going through every stage of the show.  He truly was an awesome host that simply met our every expectation.

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